Fun and Adventure!


Legazpi’s beautiful ambiance calls for physical activities like jogging, brisk walking, zumba, and urban cycling.

Workout while enjoying the blue skies and trees. Roads are not congested so these exercises are all possible in the City. Early morn is the best time to grind because a lot of locals do these variety of exercises, hence, motivation will be at hand.

Location: Peñaranda Park, Legazpi Boulevard, Ligñon Hill Nature Park, Airport Road


This 320-meter zip line will quench your thirst for adventure! Soar through the air while suspended on a cable. You can opt for basic zip line or “Superman” zip line with free photos taken for you by the staff. Enjoy this ride as you enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Mayon Volcano.

Location: Ligñon Hill Nature Park, 2006 Lava Wall


When the Imperial Japanese forces stepped into the City in 1941, the Japanese soldiers dug a tunnel and used this as a pathway to the different parts of the province, also making it their refuge from American air strikes.

Exploring this 50 foot tunnel is perfect for history buffs! Travel back in time, see relics and effigies and be on the exact same place that played an important part during the Second World War.

Location: Ligñon Hill Nature Park


Trekking or hiking is never easy especially if you are not a fan of walking long distances. But that should not thwart you from trying out this exhilarating hike! Mayon day trek have wide options for different pathways and trekking opportunities. This will depend on your skill and ability to hike.

The disparate terrains make this hike very unique. See woodlands as you traverse your way to the top and feel the sand, rocks and boulders under your feet. 

The sensation of being one with Mother Nature will make the travel so gratifying that it will impel you to be on the top and feel accomplished as you rejoice with the amazing view of the towns, greenery, the Pacific ocean and of course, the beautiful, Mt. Mayon Volcano.


Mayon Volcano is a stratovolcano best known for its almost perfect cone shape. It is one of the Philippines’ most famous active volcanoes rising to 2462 m on Luzon Island. Although renowned for its amazing shape, this distinction is made possible by its numerous eruptions!

The symmetry of its cone was formed through layers and layers of lava flows and pyroclastic surges from past eruptions and erosion. See for yourself the shape and paths naturally created by the cooled lava.

Explore and enjoy an ATV ride over the jagged landscape heading to the Lava Front of Mayon Volcano.


Enjoy this recreational activity and hang out with friends at this modern bowling area located in Embarcadero, Legazpi–the only bowling alley in Bicol.

Location: Embarcadero de Legazpi


Legazpi Ciy is located between two island provinces right in the geographical center of the peninsula. Through its port, it services sea-going vessels. Other than this, Legazpi is also endowed with beautiful diving spots.


Legazapi City

Legazpi Blvd, Legazpi City, Albay