Food has an astounding power

to bring people together and closer.

Legazpi: Home to Local and International Cuisine

Bicol is well known for cooking food with coconut milk and lots of chili, which marked the region with a genuine Asian culture. Sili and gata (chili & coconut cream) when mixed together results in a very appetizing taste that goes best with rice.

But over time, Bicolanos found a way to integrate the traditional and modern techniques of cooking to be able to create signature dishes that are now recognized outside the region.

Waway’s “Bicol Express”


Address: 317 Peñaranda St, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay

Contact Info +63 928 489 4247


Cres Snack Inn’s “Bopis”


Address: Rizal St, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay

Contact Info: +63 5221 45022

Bob Marlin’s “Crispy Pata”


Address: Rizal St, Barangay 17 Old Albay, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay

Contact Info: (052) 742 4836

Pares King/Queen’s “Bulalo”


Address: F. Aquende Dr, Barangay 8, Bagumbayan, Legazpi City, 4500 

Contact Info: (052) 483 3841

“Food is not just eating

energy,it’s an experience.”

-Guy Fieri

Small Talk Cafe’s “Mayon Pizza”


Address: Doña Aurora St, Old Albay District, Legazpi City, Albay 

Contact Info: (052) 480 1394

1st Colonial Grill’s “Sili Ice Cream”


Address: Rizal St, Brgy: Sagpon, Old Albay, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay  

Contact Info: (052) 483 0551

DJC’s “Halo-Halo”


Address: Landco Business Park, Barangay Bitano, Legazpi City, 4500  

Contact Info: (052) 480 6868