Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE) Project

(Left photo) Mr. Rhoderick Abache of the Office of City Environment and Natural Resources (3rd from left) and Jose Bernardo

Gochoco of ICLEI, a USAID/SURGE sub-contractor, (2nd from right) explained the questionnaires on fuel consumption and

waste water to the GHG data collectors. (Right photo) Mr. Gochoco explained the context of the GHG inventory to owners

and representatives of business establishments.

Legazpi City begins greenhouse gas inventory

On June 5, 2019, the Legazpi City government kicked off its greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory with the technical assistance of USAID’s Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE) Project. The inventory will cover 200 business establishments grouped as gasoline stations, distributors and resellers of liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene, and establishments with wastewater treatment facilities. Through a series of activities, USAID/SURGE enhanced the capacities of the city environment and natural resources and disaster risk reduction and management offices in GHG inventory. USAID/SURGE is working with the city government and various stakeholders to develop Legazpi’s first comprehensive GHG inventory which will be the basis for planning and programming to complement the city’s resilience strategy.