Mt. Mayon Volcano rising run crown shape of the seal Steamer wing, wheel and anchor bundles of palay & coconut tree seas wharf

The City Seal

The seal of the City of Legazpi is comprised of six symbolic characters. The crown shape of the seal symbolizes power while the colors red, white and blue represent the colors of the Philippine flag. The rising sun signifies the city’s desire and efforts to continuous progress. The Mount Mayon Volcano in the seal denotes the beauty and grandeur of Mt. Mayon. Collectively, the symbols of the seals, wharf and steamer signifies that Legazpi is a famous seaport pier. The bundles of palay and coconut trees on the blue part of the seal signifies agricultural industry as the chief income source, with copra as the leading export product. Finally, the wing, wheel ­­­­­­­­and anchor are the symbols of air, land and water transportation terminals in the city.