Republic of the Philippines


Legazpi City


Frontline Services/Availability of such services Step-by-Step Procedure Officer/ Employee Responsible Max of Time transaction Documents presented Fees
For signature of Checks/ documents Submit documents to the receiving section at the City Admin Office for review and record purposes. AO II 2 minutes Checks with attachments (voucher, POs etc) None
Wait for signature/ approval of CA on the request; City Administrator
Proceed to the CMO for the release
Assistance to clients seeking queries, advises, complaints and other concerns Submit a copy of complaint at the City Admin Office receiving area for record purposes. AO II 30 sec Photocopy of complaint
Proceed to CA and have a brief interview/ discussion of the complaint and wait for referrals/ instructions City Administrator 15-30 minutes
SPMS Documents Submit SPMS documents to the receiving section at the City Admin Office for review. AO II 40 sec SPMS document with “Mark” PMT reviewed
Wait for action/signature/ approval of CA on documents submitted; referrals to concerned departments as needed. City Administrator 10-15 minutes

COMPLAINTS MAY BE FILED IN WRITING OR IN PERSON TO: Mr. Carlos A. Ante, City Administrator, 2nd Floor City Hall Compound, Legazpi City

Clients with pending documents are advised to follow-up the next working day due to the unusual circumstances beyond the control of this office.

Service Pledge: CA office commits to provide effective and efficient administrative support to the City Mayor’s Office in the supervision of the departments/ offices within the LGU.

For inquiries, feedback mechanisms, suggestions, Recommendation as well as Complaints, you may send it to any of the following personnel:

Mr. Carlos A. Ante, City Administrator

Office of the City Administrator, 2nd Floor City Hall Compound, Legazpi City,

Tel No: 480-0139