Emmanuel P. Solis
LEGAZPI CITY-the City Government here is informing all the evacuees in the city’s evacuation centers to properly follow the Ecological Solid Waste Management Program (ESWMP) A city top official said in an interview Tuesday. Rosal directed the office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) and the barangay officials to ask the evacuees to follow the implementation of the No Segregation No Collection policy as one way of maintaining the cleanliness of the areas in order to prevent the spread of dengue cases and other communicable diseases.

He also instructed the City Health Office to conduct a medical services to all the people in the evacuation centers to make sure they are safe from any illnesses.  Rosal ordered a forced evacuation last January 23 the 3,662 families or equivalent to 13,505 all residents of 8-9 extended danger zone in the northern portion of the city due to the continuous eruption of Mount Mayon that spewed a huge volume of ash falls and heavy rocks. The five barangays covered by the 8 km danger zone are the villages of Padang, Bonga,Mabinit, Matang and Buyoan while the villages covered by the 9km EDZ are Dita, Pawa, Bagong Abre, Bigaa and a portion of Padang.

The evacuees from Barangay Padang with a total number of 213 families or equivalent to 799 individuals are now occupying the Buraguis Elementary School Evacuation Building. The evacuees from Matanag with a total of 532 families or 2,052 people are staying at the Albay Central School. While the 424 families equivalent to 1,544 individuals from barangay Mabinit are occupying the Bitano Elementary School and the Legazpi City High School as their evacuation centers.

On the other hand, the evacuees from the village of Buyoan with total families of 1,092 or equivalent to 3,878 people are staying at the Bagumbayan Central School. While the 958 families with a total 3,774 individuals from barangay Bonga occupying the Gogon High School evacuation center. The evacuees from barangay Dita with a total 47 families or equivalent to 176 people are ataying at the Dita Elementary School as their evacuation center. The 216 families with a total number of 737 people from barangay Bagong Abre are occupying the Oro Site High School. While the evacuees from Barangay Pawa with a total number 145 families or equivalent to 407 individuals are staying at the Cabangan Elementary School as their evacuation center.