Head: Perfecto R. Ofracio – Security Officer IV

Contact No.: (052) 480-0168

The Creations

Traffic Management System, Search and Rescue Operations, Tourist Information Officer and First Responder when Public Safety is required.

Effective July 1, 2010, the New Chief Executive was Mayor Elect Hon. Carmen Geraldine Barrameda-Rosal to man the Public Safety Office under the City Mayor’s Office under the same Officer-in-charge, Mr. Menjo R. Ofrasio,Jr.,CSP.Operations Officer was Mr. Ronald H. Pasano to monitor the whole operation of the office. City Councilor Oscar Santillan was also the Chairman of Public Safety and Order.

The Public Safety Office of Legazpi City was created and idealized by Vice Mayor Jess Rico B. Salazar thru the endless help of the City Mayor, Hon. Noel E. Rosal last January 2005. After months of training, the men & women of Public Safety Office has its official launching to the public last April 21, 2005. It was composed of different sections to provide and maintain its positive effect not just in all Legazpeños but also in all multi-stakeholders.

Vice Mayor Jess Rico B. Salazar, the CREATOR of PSO, was named “The Father of Public Safety Office of Legazpi” after his full support to the whole program. First, it was under Ret. Col. Robinson P. Ortega, as the Chief of Office and Mr. Albert C. Vasquez was also in-charge on administrative section. After the retirement of Mr. Ortega, Ms. Ginamarie A. Belchez was the assigned officer-in-charge of the PSO followed by Ret. Col. Mauricio dele Cruz and Ms. Belchez was tasked on its administrative functions. Now, the PSO was under the leadership of Mr. Perfecto R. Ofrasio, Jr.,CSP as the Chief and Ms. Belchez was tasked as the Head of Administrative Division.

Today, the Public Safety Office proudly serves Legazpi City and all its people starting from Traffic Management, First Aider, Tourist Information Officer and Public Safety… and together, “Padagos tang Buhayon an Legazpi.”

Emergency Quick Response Team (EQRT) was one of its section that composed of Professional Nurses who is on-call anytime for any emergency calls.They are properly trained for Emergency Transport, First Aid and Medical Assistance.This section was headed by MS. DEBBIE AVILA-BALTAZAR, RM, RN

The IT Section was responsible for reliable operation and management of PSO Information Technology Program, maintenance of its computers, data encoding of apprehended violators of all City Ordinances, updates records regarding its payment,makes communication letters, payrolls, monthly and special details, coordinates with Communications Section regarding special details/duties/assignments of Bike Patrol Unit.

PSO Communications Section was tasked for efficient Radio Communications System and network to provide comprehensive strength of character of the Public Safety Office, relays info to other concerned agencies, give further instructions to field personnel, in-charge of the PSO 24/7 hotline, monitors field activities of all Bike Patrol Unit and their daily performance, logbook all incident reports and updates the Head of Office and Chief Executive regarding its performance.

Community Organizing Team conducts meeting at the project beneficiaries, plans the activities of stakeholders, coordinates with GO’s and NGO’s, assist technical support to the Office and conducts orientation on Community Development Programs.

Records and Finance Section keeps records of all documents related to the PSO, receive payments of apprehended violators,prepare demand letters to apprehended violators with unsettled violations and prepares for filing of cases to apprehended violators who did not comply with the demand letter.

Liaison Officer is the responsible for the processing of pertinent documents of the PSO to GSO, CMO, Budget and Accounting Offices and record purchases and disbursement.

PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS in main streets of the City acts as Police Auxiliaries of Legazpi PNP and to complement the Traffic Management Office under the City Engineering Office in the enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. Deployment of PSOs in strategic areas of the City to assist the Law enforcement Units and the Barangay Tanods in the maintenance of Peace and Order, hey also serve as Field Tourist Information Officers to assist and provide pertinent information to the query or request for assistance of any tourists / visitors,provides First Aid and Emergency Assistance to victims of accidents and calamities, facilitates Traffic Management and enforces all existing City Ordinances.