HEAD: OBELIA L. BALDANO, CPA, Ph.D., City Budget Officer, OIC-HRMO

Contact No.: (052) 481-6397
Email Add.: [email protected]


This office shall take charge of the recruitment and selection of personnel that will assist the City Government in the delivery of basic services to the public, establish a continuing adherence of all City Government employees to Civil Service Law and Rules, maintain an active program for management, disposition of records and document and facilitate leave and retirement processes, as well as provide other personnel services to the entire work force of the City Government.


1. To maintain an updated Recruitment and Selection in accordance with existing rules and regulations;
2. To formulate and implement a year-round in-house trainings and seminars;
3. To conduct a periodic monitoring of personnel activities in all City Offices to determine compliance of personal laws;
4. To continuously implement the accreditation program of the City Government pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 99-2410,dated October 25, 1999;
5. To assume responsibility for the filing, safekeeping and retrieval of records and documents of all City Government employees; and
6. To attend to the administration of leaves, retirement and other personnel services.