Republic of the Philippines


City of Legazpi



We envision an office of good governance that foster a performance driven, transparent, and empowered workforce responsive to the growing demand of the City Government of Legazpi.


The City Vice Mayor Office ensures that the full range of health, education, employment, social services, safety, business, and economic development information, services and opportunities are accessible to every constituents of the City of Legazpi.

Frontline Services Step-by-Step Procedure Officer / Employee Responsible Maximum Time of Transaction Documents to be Presented by Client Amount of Fees
Submit document/ and obtain receiving copy with tracking number Read/check completeness of documents and its attachments ( if any) Local Legislative Staff Officer I 5 minutes Duly signed solicitation letter (if solicitation) Indorsement letter from CMO ( if for Agenda None
Receive the document by affixing date and time of receipt, document number, and signature of receiving staff Local Legislative Staff Officer I 3 min None None
Forward document to:
  1. Secretary to the Sanggunian for Agenda
  2. Vice-Mayor for approval ( if solicitation)
  3. Vice- Mayor for signature (if communications from VMO; Resolutions, ordinances, appropriation ordinances, etc.)
Local Legislative Staff Officer I 2 min None None
Receive copy of the requested document/solicited item/s If the request is for certification/ references, provide the customer the document Local Legislative Staff Officer I 5 min Copy of Solicitation letter duly received by LLSOI none

*Updates on this charter is on-going.