Head: Engr. Joseph B. Esplana – CPDC

Contact Nos. 480-2465
Email Add.: [email protected]


1. Conducts continuing studies, researches, and relevant training necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;
2. Formulates integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies for consideration of the local government development council;
3. Monitors and evaluates the implementation of the different development program, projects and activities in the city;
4. Prepares comprehensive plans and others development planning document;
5. Analyses the city’s income and expenditure patterns, formulates and recommends fiscal plans and policies for the consideration and approval of subdivision and housing plans and project by the Sangguniang Panglungsod  and the City Mayor;
6. Administers the implementation of the zoning ordinances of the City;
7. Act as the Secretariat of the Legazpi Development Council;
8. Process, evaluation  and recommends approval of subdivision and housing plans and projects by the Sagguniang Panglungsod;
9. Exercises such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Preparation of planning document                                                                                 100%

1.     Project Feasibility study/Proposal Preparation                                                   100%
2.     Project  Implementation                                                                                           100%
3.     Preparation of Reports                                                                                              100%
4.     Assistance/Coordination with other agencies/committee /council                100%
5.     Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects                                                                  100%
6.     Assistance to researchers                                                                                          100%
7.     Zoning Administration                                                                                              100%
8.     Policy initiation, formulation and implementation                                            100%
9.     Barangay Capability Trainings                                                                                100%
10.   Barangay Profile Data Banking                                                                               100%

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