In travelling, maps, tour guides, prepared itineraries and tips from people with experience will surely save us time and effort. It is ideal for some travelers who want their trips planned and organized.

But life will always be the cliché, “full of surprises.” We should make the most out of our every adventure and travel.

Bring out the real traveler in you— The traveler who does not solely depend on guides, the traveler asking for directions from friendly locals, the traveler who connects with the culture of the place he/she is at!

Discover something deeper about Legazpi. Explore and experience so much more in the city without the need to spend much. After all, some things are beautiful because they are simple. Do what the locals do, feel the Legazpi vibe! Do it and take the word “experience,” to heart.


For tourists, a haircut can cost 10-15 dollars. But in the Philippines, you can find simple businesses like a salon or a barbershop anywhere you go, especially if you are in the city.

Centro Legazpi has a variety of shops that can give you a quality haircut only for a dollar. How fascinating it would be to get your dream haircut for this very friendly price.


After strolling, drop by at the site of buko(coconut) stalls and refreshments at Legazpi Boulevard. This is usually paired with isaw(chicken intestines) by the locals all for the price of 40php.

Very affordable and is worth the try.


BMX riders and those who want to play non-motorized scooters and roller skating are all welcome at the skate park at the southern boulevard located in Barangay Dapdap.

Riders who want to use the park are encouraged to wear appropriate sporting attire to ensure safety and protection while bikers under 12 years old are advised to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.




People watching is an activity that anyone can enjoy. Even if we idly do it to pass time, we unconsciously discover something from a place by doing so, especially from the crowd we are observing—their identities and interactions.

As the writer Cody Delistraty puts it, “…watching the world go by outside, no one aware of our existence or our brief window into their world — we transcend into a different state of being, one where we are looking within from without.” 


Discover more about Legazpi in this two and a half hour walk tour starting from the City Hall that ends in Peñaranda Park.

This walking tour is led by a guide that is tasked to give explanations to the historical/cultural significance of the sites covered on the tour.

The City aims to engage people thru this activity and at the same time impart historical knowledge and understanding to local and tourists alike.


Museums add depth to understanding, and they open new worlds of interest. They teach families about science, the arts, history, and much more, and offer the opportunity to enjoy quality, fun time together. For children, the educational benefits of visiting museums go beyond reinforcing the lessons kids learn in school.