Head: Ms. Cristina Agapita S. Pacres
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By the year 2010 and beyond, the City of Legazpi shall be one of the preferred tourist destinations in the country, propped up by a committed and involved citizenry proud of its cultural, historical and environmental heritage, and aware and responsive of political rights, social responsibilities and economic opportunities.


To develop Legazpi City as one of the primary tourist destinations in the country.


1. To project Legazpi City as a destination where fusion of culture, history and modernity co-exist.
2. To internalize in the Legazpeños the feeling of Legazpi pride and Legazpi Identity.
3. To increase volume of tourist arrivals.
4. To lengthen tourist stay in the city to an average of 3-5 days.
5. To generate employment.
6. To increase income of the city as well as businessmen from receipts of tourism-related industries/services.


1. The development of tourism industry in all aspects will be a tri-sectoral responsibility of the government, the private sector, and the Legazpi citizenry in accordance with the guidelines set by the national government.
2. The Legazpi image or identity shall be given emphasis in marketing the city as a tourist destination.
3. The installation/construction, improvement and maintenance of infrastructure facilities and utilities, e.g. power, water, communication and transportation, shall be advocated for, coordinated and supported by the city government.
4. The implementation of socially acceptable and environmental friendly tourism projects shall be encouraged by the city government.
5. The preservation of the Bicolano culture and historical heritage shall be a continuing concern of the city government.
6. Alternative forms of employment shall be provided including the provision of skills training required in the different tourism establishments.


1. Tourism Awareness Program
2. Tourism Marketing Program
3. Environmental Protection Program
4. Infrastructure Support Program
5. Infrastructure Development Program
6. Human Resource Development Program

Projects / Activities


a. Information Education Campaign

1) Informational meeting (Government Agencies, Private Organizations, LGU / Brgy. Officials), re: development thrust in Bicol / Legazpi City Tourism.
2) Training / Seminar for service workers, hotels, restaurants and food handlers.
3) Seminar for transport workers which will include topic on tour packaging.
4) Establishment of Tourist Information and Photo Display Booths in strategic places such as airport, City Tourism Office, bus terminal, City Museum, lobbies of hotels and lobbies of proposed malls.
5) Installation of billboards quoting the “Legazpi Image / Identity” in strategic places of Legazpi.
6) Employment of strategies to depict the Legazpi Image.

b. Advocacy

1) Request city-based academic institutions to offer tourism courses or include tourism-related subjects in any course offered.
2) Seminars on tourism-related services, including peace and security.


a. Coordinate with government officials and NGOs in marketing the city as tourist destination.
b. Printing of tourism brochures/flyers.
c. Printing of postcards for sale.
d. Manufacture of souvenir items, e.g. mugs, glass, decorated plates; key-holders; glass-weights; tin tray, etc. with pictures of tourist attractions in Legazpi hand painted / printed / embossed. These items shall be for sale.
e. Distribution of tourism brochures to hotels all over the country; embassies; DOT offices; DTI / BOI offices.
f. Feature articles in magazines/newspapers of the Legazpi City Tourism situation.
g. TV Ads (Tourism Activities)
h. Press Conference (national and local)
i. Radio Feeds
j. Distribution of brochures on tax incentives being offered by the city government to investors.
k. Development of “Special Interest Travel Package”, e.g. sporting activities, camping, etc.
l. Development of “Specific Tour Packages for Specific Tour Groups.”


a. Information, Education Campaign

1) Seminar / Forum on Proper Waste Management / “Pera sa Basura” (Schools / Barangays)
2) Slogan Contests among schools to create awareness.

b. Likas-Yaman Award For Environmental Excellence

1) Best Community-Based Coastal Project
2) Most Outstanding School Environmental Outreach Program
3) Most Outstanding Individual Initiative in Environmental Protection and Management.
4) Best Environmental Campaign in Print, Radio and/or Television
5) Best Barangay-Initiated Environmental Project
6) Most Outstanding Youth Leader in Environment
7) Most Outstanding Woman in Environment

c. Beautification and Cleanliness

1) Adopt-A-Park Project (Civic Organization)
2) Adopt-A-Barangay Project (Line Agencies)
3) “Tangod Ko, Linig Ko” Project (Commercial Establishment)
4) Cleaning of rivers, canals and public beaches.
5) Regular de-clogging of drainage.
6) Desilting of Mabaclao and Yawa rivers.
7) Illumination of City street lights.

d. Enforcement of existing environmental protection laws and other government regulations addressing environmental concerns:

1) Posting of Smoke-Free/Anti-Smoke Belching slogans in strategic places of Legazpi.
2) Giving out stickers with Smoke-Free/Anti-Smoke Belching slogans to jeepney/bus operators / drivers.
3) Posting of Anti-Littering slogans in strategic places of Legazpi.


a. Advocacy

1) The improvement / maintenance and upkeep of existing accommodation and dining facilities.
2) The maintenance of roads leading to tourist destinations.
3) The improvements of infrastructure utilities and services such as power, water and communication to cover the needs not only of the urban area but also the sub-urban areas.
4) Advocacy for a complementary tourist service, e.g. travel agents to assist in booking services for hotel rooms, tours, tickets, etc.

b. Regular monitoring of the environmental sanitation of hotels and restaurants by the City Health Office (CHO).

1) Awards to cleanest and most sanitary Movie Houses, Night Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Bus Terminal, Public Markets (Section); Public Toilets.

c. Printing and posting of transportation fare schedule in public areas and vehicles.


a. Concreting of roads leading to Lamba and Bagacay Beaches; Pinaric-Estanza Road.
b. Beach Development (Puro, Lamba, Bagacay)
c. Development of Risen Christ Park and concreting of road leading thereto.
d. Mayon Volcano Park Development/Campsite Development.
e. Development of the Japanese Tunnel.
f. Activity Center – show-window for processing of Pili Candy; Bicol Express; Abaca Placemat.
g. Translation of Ibalong Epic into a park – situated at Ibalong Village.


a. Seminar for Skills and Design Upgrading (souvenir items).
b. Training Seminar for Tour Guides
c. Seminar for tricycle and taxi drivers
d. Customer Service Training
e. Other tourism-related trainings and seminars

tagline_finallogoDesigned by Mr. Yves Yu

RESOLUTION NO. 0153-2012

Resolution changing the tourism campaign slogan of the City of Legazpi from “Convention City” to “City of Fun and Adventure”


Mayon Volcano – major tourist attraction of the city

Hill below Mayon Volcano – Kapuntukan Hill/Sleeping Lion

Smaller hill beside Mayon Volcano and Sleeping Lion – Ligñon Hill

Blue color of Mayon Volcano, Sleeping Lion & Ligñon Hill – symbolizes peace and orderliness
as one of the top priorities of the City Government

Red color of Legazpi – a strong color which symbolizes the quest of Legazpi for continuous
progress and development

The sun – symbolizes fun and enjoyment in Legazpi

Neon Green slope – symbolizes the environmental and ecological crusade of Legazpi

Bright Pink slope – symbolizes gender sensitivity in the city

Dark blue and green of the tagline – symbolizes the marine resources in the city