HEAD: Obelia L. Baldano, Ph. D. – City Budget Officer


1. Prepares prescribed budgetary forms, orders and others for signature of the Mayor;
2. Reviews and consolidates budget proposals of the different  departments and offices;
3. Assists the Mayor in budget preparation and hearing;
4. Studies and evaluates budgetary implications of proposed legislations;
5. Submits periodic budgetary reports to the Department of Budget and Management;.
6. Coordinates with the Local Finance Committee (LFC) for the purpose of budgeting;.
7. Coodinates with the planning body in the formulation of development plan.


1. To formulate and prepare a realistic and implementable budget that would ensure the optimum utilization of funds;
2. To safeguard  the budgetary appropriation from excessive expenditures;
3. To ensure that funds are expended according to corresponding appropriations and allotment period.